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Picture Books  Written By Robin Bennett   Illustrated By Kate Shannon

Bad Boris

Though his mother's pride and joy, Boris was a nervous boy, But Boris had a cunning plan - one day he'd be superman,  He whizzed around the crowded streets, Smashing doors and stealing sweats . . .

Bullets And Bones

I'm Bullets and Bones, brigand and thief, so come with me now, I'm armed to the teeth. We'll nick from the rich and give to the poor and dance by the fire on a piratey shore.' Bullets and Bones - dread pirate or friendly chap?

Pippin And The Moon

It's spring, it's spring, delicious thing!

Not long had gone the Easter Bunting

before Pippin turned his thought's to hunting and dusting off his gun, he thought to have some fun

Quincy Duff And The Tangley Lane Trio

Now humans have hero tales,

of men the size of killer whales

who do great deeds and slay dread foes,

with combinations of clever blows . . .

Nervus Rex And Other Rhymes  Written By Robin Bennett   Illustrated By Kate Shannon

A complete world in a slim volume, packed with original characters and brilliant, funny rhymes – some great poetry even.

- BBC Belfast

Just like Hilaire Belloc writing in a room with Roald Dahl leaning over his shoulder.

- BBC Worcester

Scary monsters in the dark,

who hide in bushes in the park,

come out and chomp their yellow fangs,

and terrorize my bed in gangs.

They moan and roll their yellow eyes,

they come by buses in disguise.

They've even learnt to get tube passes,

by wearing wigs and wearing glasses . . .