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Jul 9

Searching for different children's book illustration styles

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I am an illustrator professionally. Well, I am new to the field and I am still learning things about this profession. Illustration has been growing and developing too much recently and the enormous growth of this field has made me go for it. I am currently working on a project that is about a children’s book. I while working on it got to different ideas that I found online and from a few friends that are in the field. I, however, am here for something different. I here want to have ideas about some children’s book illustration styles that I can use while illustrating that children book. Is there someone who is professionally in the field who can help me out with this thing? It would be great to hear from someone who is in the field for a long time as he would know about it in detail and this could then be really helpful for me. Is there someone who can help me out in this? Please share something related to styles in-depth.

Oct 11

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